About me

About me

​   I have been living in an international environment since I was young, having lived for many years in different countries. I studied Italian and Spanish from the very first steps, with the English language arriving later. I had the opportunity to live in the culture of each language I work with, which has given me the required background to understand the way of thinking and idiosyncrasy of different cultures of the world. I continued and completed my studies in Italy, where I live.
   I have a Master of Arts, Italian studies degree, granted from the Università degli Studi di Genova; and a post degree Master I Level in Juridical Specialized Translations, granted in the same university. I still try to keep myself updated in translations and teaching, in order to continue to work more professionally.
   I started working in the tourism field around 1994, gradually involved over the years in translations in sports, medical, legal and culinary, becoming more and more interested in linguistics.
   I started working teaching about the same time, I worked as private tutor for children of all school levels in humanistic courses, obtaining every time excellent results. Later on, I began teaching Italian As A Second Language, specializing it through academic courses. I am willing to online lessons as well, in this way I can reach places and students directly in their homes, anywhere in the world.


CLMTI - Colegio Mexicano de Licenciados en Traducción e Interpretación.

NCTA - Northern California Translators Association.